Depression - Deeper Than "You'll Be Aight"

I recall my High School years being roughly the first time I even heard of "Depression." That this kid, or this celebrity, or this person was "Depressed." And at the time, though I was clear even then things weren't perfect in my life, per se, I was still enjoying my life (yup, even High School). The rough idea I gathered about depression boggled my mind. The depth, boggled my mind. Like, I was in a space of not being capable of computing "depression." How could so-and-so be depressed? They're rich, or they seem to have such a good family or they're life doesn't seem that bad, et cetera, et cetera other internal reflections of ignorance (since most of these conversations I generally had were

Join PATH P in fighting for equality & equity in Brooklyn!

Though Brooklyn stands to be one of the most popular places to live in America today, many of its residents still do not get to experience the the borough in a forwarding manner; this includes many people without homes or not able to afford their homes (about 25% live in poverty), as well as youth and families with illnesses that lack the proper access to resources for health reform. As a born and raised Brooklyn, NY resident, recording and visual artist, Colin Lawton, aka PATH P (Positioned At The Highest Point) has been long dedicated to bringing the message of social justice, equality and equity across the Brooklyn, National and World landscape to the forefront of his artistic expression,

Black Lives Matter, in the bigger spectrum

Black Lives Matter is a movement. A MOVEMENT. Regardless of stated affiliations, the intent, the greater picture, is a movement, beyond the specified organizational movement. All Lives Matter is nothing more than a fearful slogan in reaction to a movement. Those who say it ain't doing shit to insure all lives matter though. BLM supporters are out here protesting for the sake of all lives, in actuality. All Lives Matter is a silencing of a constitutional right. Then again, it brings to light the stipulations around who the constitution was actually crafted for. I support Black Lives Mattering. The actual organization... *wiggles hand* eh, a little iffy about it. But it's not about them. the b

#Message4Freedom (Video)

The conversation hasn't changed, yet it needs to. PATH P delivers his latest visuals touching on the pressing state of American affairs in 2016 as only he can, lyrically and poetically. "No this ain't a freestyle, just how I style my message for freedom..." Click below to view the latest visuals from PATH P. Filmed by Can It Productions Edited by Law10 Creative Haus Snapback cap courtesy of C.A.N.V.A.S

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