LifeInTheRealestHue explores the multifaceted and colorful nature of the fruit that life bares which can tend to take us through the ups and downs that ultimately define who we are as people.


Released May 23, 2014

Colin "PATH P" Lawton; Mario "Thre3" Rivera III; King James Beatz; Chandanie Orgias; Debra Church; Tabou TMF; Genese Nicole; Candice "Tha Soundtrack" Agard; James "SoSoon" Gantt; Wilkis "Ideology" Figuereo; my grandmother, Lois Lawton; my best friend and mother, Lenore Lawton (R.I.P); and of course, God.

Album Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at the Ready Room by King James Beatz*

Album cover art illustrated by Steven D'Arbenzio

*"Tribute2TheWorld" and "Mirrors" Recorded at ITec Audio by Wilkis "Ideology" Figuereo