Revolution & Legacy, Vol. I: The Revolution

Revolution & Legacy, Vol. I: The Revolution is a lyrically potent & soulful conversation, which speaks heavily to the current social climate, disconcertingly reminiscent of the Civil Rights era in American History, coming face to face with the severe decline in protection of human rights in 2017. From racism, to classism, sexism, genderism & any other -ism and 
unconstitutional state of being that exists in humanity today, R&L, V1 aims to address the issues, at every depth with a powerful intent to contribute to prevalent awareness, ignited action & ultimate (and ideal) freedom taking place in the hearts of the dejected masses.


Released May 23, 2017

Colin Lawton ; Shaquan Sutherland ; James Andrews ; Paula Lawton ; Mariama Primus ; Kenwick Cayenne ; Audrey Givens