Revolution & Legacy, Vol. II: The Legacy

Revolution & Legacy, Vol. II: The Legacy (the follow up to 2017’s Revolution & Legacy, Vol. I: The Revolution) is a multifaceted lyrical journey into the mind of Brooklyn-bred MC, PATH P. It is a well rounded exploration of PATH's musical style, socially potent & reflective content, this time with a more expressive take on how his artistic legacy gets to be defined for many years to come.

PATH tends to have a knack for creative reflective soundscapes with an intent to uproot and ultimately empower listeners to step into greater self, which can be many things, in many respects to many people. Whether he’s finding personal strength in the face of loss & depression on tracks like the soulful “Now” with vocalist, Nefertiti Gold, sharing unabashed expressions of failure and success with Love on the heartfelt “Until” with Rock artist, ROB Rise On Belief, or silencing the nonbelievers with the help of Bronx wordsmith Mickey Factz on the electro-bounce “Dreams from Nightmares” and Harlem MC Rayne Storm on “Been Dope”, PATH looks to truly solidify a legacy which amplifies not only a solid base of relative storytelling, but a pure form understanding of the evolution of Hip Hop as a genre and a culture. 


“My life experiences have shaped my art and who I’ve grown to be: a man who’s authentic with himself & others, loves himself in a way he never has and vulnerable enough to share his trials, triumphs & the unapologetic way he’s engage them. It’s about breaking cycles and generational curses; finding strength in emotions & spaces not normally associated with ‘strength’ while looking at the severity in these experiences and also choosing to look at the joy in spite of it all. That’s what The Legacy is all about.”  - PATH P on R&LV2 


Released August 20, 2019

Colin Lawton ; Roshawn Tyler ; Russell Miller ; James Andrews ; Nefertiti Danastor ; Robert Hoagland ; Adi Ladson ; Mark Williams ; Mercedes Barnes ; Naim Hubbard ; Jawara Haughton ; Genee Carr ; James Eastman ; Joseph Goings ; Rodney Kemp

Special Thanks to:

Eric Seader ; Noreen Springstead ; Lorrie Clevenger ; Joao Fonseca ; Debbie DePoala ; Karen Ramirez ; Mario Rivera III