PATH P tackles injustice & police brutality in the official video for "The Marvel"

This video was filmed at the site of the tragic death of Delrawn Small on July 4th, on his way to visit family in East New York, Brooklyn, for a BBQ. In a near mishap road incident, Delrawn stopped to approach the vehicle of off duty police officer, Wayne Isaacs, who decided, without hesitation, to unholster his gun and fatally shoot Small the moment he even approached the vehicle. Delrawn "Fu" Small unjustly lost his life on what was to be a celebratory night. He along with the likes of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and Anthony Nunéz, in 48 hours, joined the many black and brown victims of police brutality and negligence.. Amongst the 512 and counting killed by police, unjustly, since the beginning of 2016.

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