Black Lives Matter, in the bigger spectrum

Black Lives Matter is a movement. A MOVEMENT. Regardless of stated affiliations, the intent, the greater picture, is a movement, beyond the specified organizational movement.

All Lives Matter is nothing more than a fearful slogan in reaction to a movement. Those who say it ain't doing shit to insure all lives matter though. BLM supporters are out here protesting for the sake of all lives, in actuality.

All Lives Matter is a silencing of a constitutional right. Then again, it brings to light the stipulations around who the constitution was actually crafted for.

I support Black Lives Mattering. The actual organization... *wiggles hand* eh, a little iffy about it. But it's not about them. the bigger picture is Black Lives Mattering. Because All Lives SHOULD Matter. They don't. The hope is one day they actually will, and not just sound like a nice idea on paper or something to say to subdue the contests to one's own cognitive dissonance regarding race, gender, religion and the like.

One Day.

Below photo: April 9, 2016, protest of justice for Akai Gurley, murdered in his apartment building by rookie police officer, Peter Liang.

Rally for Akai Gurley, East NY, Brooklyn, April 2016, photo by CE Lawton

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