People Power: Pulling a "trump" card when America continues to America.

So what next?

America has elected America, essentially, on November 8, 2016 (if you're not clear on what I mean, check the historical scoreboard). I personally can't say I'm surprised. I'm not even angry. Disappointed? Yes. But more so in the people than in the president elect. I'm disappointed in the lack of ownership ... The lack of a sense of responsibility ... And within that, the bred outcome of negative backlash and equal hatred. The civil blame game. Clearly, I'm talking to those that claim this was not what they wanted.

Hear me out.

First off, let me say, I can get over my disappointment, it's actually not even that deep-seated because I understand this is all by design. The stance of the oppressed has been long conditioned through a history built on fear, torment, pain, murder, neglect and overall a mentality of scarcity. Every aspect of this election has been based in fear, and the people have been traumatically placed in a longstanding dis-empowered, I-don't-know-what-to-do mindset, on a prevalent, collective level. And this is blacks and non-blacks alike, that are products of the American system. So walking into a voting booth with such a mindset of fear, worry, scarcity, all of that energy, placed into making a pivotal decision of life and liberty, speaks to universal law and manifests what we try so hard to avoid. This became so much of an anti-Tru*p election, that progressive possibilities were practically ignored, sidelined, placed at the wayside. As a result: Fear... Panic... Anxiety... More hatred, and spread amongst the same community... Worry for the future.

I offer this...

Empowered, progressive change does not happen in a dis-empowered, regressive state of being.

I'm not saying don't cry if this pains you. I'm not saying don't be upset, angered, devastated, if that's any of what you're feeling. By all means, I encourage BEING with the feeling. Being with it supports in getting through it.

And then get through it. And try something new.

There are ways to combat what is to come, here, especially for people of color, marginalized peoples, black people, etc. The issue with the majority of the people is we don't understand the power held in the majority of the people. it would be of great practice, but not at all impossible to build in a position, a collective position of economic, social and even spiritual growth directly within our communities. To employ our rights to choose, our rights to protest and our rights to call our officials to task. Our rights to be with our communities. Our rights to be with our families, our loved ones, our friends. I offer this actually does not have to be a day to sulk, to retreat, to accept defeat, but a day to acknowledge that the revolution gets to happen now, within us!

The revolution is NOW.

And we get to make a choice. An empowered choice. A collective choice. And black people in particular I'm talking to you in this instance. There is no more time for divisiveness, blaming, shaming and self-hatred enriched talk. No. This has plagued our collective growth for far too long, and we get to tell a new story, sing a new song, TODAY. This is a time, if not any other time, to stand in LOVE. In PROTECTION. In BROTHERHOOD and SISTERHOOD. We need and deserve each others time and space now more than ever. We can run here, and run there, but unless we stand up and run our communities and our blocks, and our commerce, then the beast of oppression will continue to find its way home.

Photo by Derrick M. Clarke

Revolution only remains rhetoric if we choose to remain docile in our actions.

We've already experienced hate at the most extremist levels, so hate will not drive out hate, it will just breed and magnify more hate. This is a time where Love WILL prevail - and this is not for the cynical to think Love is this sappy, hearts and stars position, NO - because LOVE... Conquers. LOVE, knows no bounds. So LOVE between our brothers and sisters creates a space for protection and unity and the power of the collective people to thrive! This is about connected hearts and minds dedicated to a greater vision of the world, a greater vision of the nation. Oppression cannot win in this space and as such defeat cannot be accepted in this space. It is not an option. There is every choice in the world BUT defeat ... To have the outcome of America be different, in an effective, progressive way.

Faith without works is dead. We can get grounded in prayer and alignment of spirit and THEN get to work on the ground in transforming this society before it is completely consumed with hate and pain. The only way I'll hold worry about a Tru*p administration is if my people, if all people, continue to lie down and take the beating. It's time to stand up for what we believe in, truly. It's time to fight back, by any means, but not to antagonize and in reaction, but in proactive, productive and revolutionizing methods. The power IS ours, and the sooner we recognize it, together, the sooner the world will heal.

The future of our nation, our children, deserve greater. And together... We can finally make America... Great.



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