Kind of Blu3 Fundraising Art Exhibition

From February 24-26 I had the pleasure of sharing my first form of artistic expression by exhibiting paintings as part of a fundraising experience at the Five Myles Gallery in Brooklyn for the Kind of Blu3 Exhibition, curated by Madi Dangerously & the Half Baked Experience and sponsored by the AOT Project Salon. This exhibition is dedicated to not only art being a healing tool (displaying pieces in hues of blue, accentuating the healing tone of the pieces) but also to building awareness of mental health issues in communities of color, courtesy of the Siwe Project, whose mission is just that. It was really an excellent time and great connecting with other artists and art enthusiast around such a great cause and space of creation.

As an update to the exhibition, it will be on its next stop at the Arts East New York gallery space in Brooklyn beginning on March 17. More details on that to come, so keep an eye out!


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