"Revolution & Legacy" is On The Way

The American & really world saga continues, and PATH P is no stranger to creating art within the construct of the zeitgeist as a means to break free of it. Hard at work on a new album on the horizon, PATH P is poised to soon release the follow up to his award-winning 2016 project, INDIGO, with a more direct look at the current state of affairs. Revolution & Legacy will be a 2 part project, with Vol. I (The Revolution, with original beat production by Old Boy Sosa) slated for release by early Summer '17. Vol. II, The Legacy, will be slated for release towards the final quarter of 2017, including original beat production by long time collaborator & producer, MythMuzik.

The Revolution is a project dedicated to stirring the soul, the revolutionary mind, which doesn't necessarily always mean the militant mind, but the mind built for transformation and the fight for Freedom. In poetic fashion, PATH brings forth clarity and awareness around the current state of humanity while bringing forth what solutions can look like in the world to shift the current paradigm.

Take a preview listen to "B Alright 2.0" off Revolution & Legacy, Vol. I: The Revolution" below.

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