For Your Consideration...

Moments like these mark the stepping stones of my Why...

I make this music because I love it, because I love creating, and creating within a purpose for something greater, not just for myself but the world...

To receive news yesterday of my acceptance onto the ballot for Grammy nominations for the 2018 60th Annual GRAMMY awards sent me through the roof. It let me know I'm on the right track and to keep on pushing. The journey continues! And to all those esteemed voting members of the Recording Academy, I present to you, For Your Consideration ...

"Head Up" (Single)

Written and performed by Colin "PATH P" Lawton, beat produced by Sha "Old Boy Sosa Beats" Sutherland ; executive produced by Colin "PATH P" Lawton; engineered by James "King James Beats" Andrews Listen Now on Spotify:

"Revolution & Legacy, vol. 1: The Revolution" (EP)

7-track EP written and performed by Colin "PATH P" Lawton; beat production by Old Boy Sosa Beats, additional writing & performance by Mariama "Madi Dangerously" Primus and vocal performances by Audrey Givens, Paula "SoQueen" Sow-Lawton, & Kenwick "Redddaz" Cayenne ; executive produced by Colin "PATH P" Lawton; engineered by King James Beats

Listen Now on Spotify:

Photo by Jordan Edwards

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