Being T'Challa & N'Jadaka: The Color of Duality

T'Challa & N'Jadaka (Erik "Killmonger" Stevens).

Black Panther & Golden Jaguar.

Purple & Gold.

Both colors representative of royalty, regality.

Purple and Gold (Yellow) are also complimentary to one another.

I find this dichotomy interesting when assessing the ideologies adapted by T'Challa & N'Jadaka, and actually looking at understanding the full spectrum of one's own humanity; this of course housed within a willingness to be with one's own duality and yin and yang essence, light and dark.

We have T'Challa, born into an traditional mindset around global exclusion, in the name of purification, preservation and uncolonized living and thriving for a country flourishing in abundant wealth based on its natural resources, which can very well have the country stand, on a public landscape, as a global superpower. "A good man, with a good heart" set to uphold the difficult task of "king." While internally it can be viewed as a tactic of protection & preservation of culture, ethos and wealth, eternally it subjects the country to an.imsge of elitism and ultimately another reflection of the ills of capitalism, as it stand in the face of other countries of far more contrary and marginalized states of being, beyond Wakandan borders.

With this, in turn, enter 1 Erik Killmonger... Essentially and emphatically representative of the product of perceived negligence, the "child left behind" now grown and ready to see the village that left him as such, "burn" so to speak... Because they did not come back for him. Now, while possessing a radical standpoint of revolution and freedom from oppressive rule, and thriving nations in the name of absolute power and global reign - an understandable position for those who've grown in similar experiences but may lack the same wherewithal and will - this brings forth the reflection "absolute power corrupts absolutely." While the conquered can be placed in a state of the conquerors, has justice truly prevailed for the people affected and humanity as a whole? And is that even a care?

What is the observation on an individual scale? Complimentary colors, no matter the combo, generally come together to make the same color, as they sit across from each other on the spectrum. In that culminating oneness lies the core element of both of those colors and all that comes with them working in cohesion with one another to create one reality. How does the examination of their perspectives, as classic rivals, reflect an overarching state of understanding under one roof, one mindset?

It's a space for understanding where T'Challa's upheld ideologies can be fortifying and also detrimental to a people, in the same way N'Jadaka's ideologies - aside from his methods... hell, even inclusive of his methods - very well can be fortifying/empowering and also detrimental/destructive to a people.

Whether we choose to acknowledge or not, we can also choose to - and perhaps at one point or another in our lives have done so - be the embodiment of both.... In all we hope as well as fear, love as well as hate, revel in as well as suffer through... After a 3rd outing with the movie, this is what came to me in reflection, specifically in looking merely at the chosen colors for their costumes. Was this an intent? I'm not certain. But even our wishes can come to the forefront subliminally/subconsciously, so I wouldn't be surprised if those choices in and of themselves were just as purposeful as any other gems encapsulated in the film's brilliance.

But yeah, I'd offer seeing Black Panther if you've STILL not yet seen it (Really, doe?), and seeing it again for the sake of the nuances that offer up an opportunity for intellectual, respectful and forwarding discourse around self identity, blackness in the space of the global diaspora, blackness in the space of humanity on the universal whole and much more, wherever possible.

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